The underlying idea of the GOAHTE project is to set up production of portable homes and saunas using materials that have traditionally been used by the peoples of the North, combined with state-of-the art technology.

Our architectural and design solutions are based on the traditional dwellings of the peoples of the North – hence the name GOAHTE, from a Sami word for such dwellings.

GOAHTE houses are made at a prefab-building production plant in Latvia, in strict compliance with quality control standards.

The interior and exterior finish uses Siberian larch, selected aspen and thermally modified pine wood (Lunawood), pre-treated with natural wax-based preservatives.

Thanks to their solid factory-made frames and relatively light weight, these ready-to-use modules can be repeatedly loaded and unloaded at any convenient location.

There are versions with an off-the-grid power and heat supply produced by solar cells and collectors.

Remote control system – Smart Home.

Easy to connect to external utilities; Internet connection via cables or outside antennas.

Traditional style, time-honoured technology, state-of-the-art materials and innovative solutions make GOAHTE housing comfortable to live in and profitable for commercial use.

In today’s hectic and crowded world, it’s a real pleasure and luxury to be able to get away from the fuss and be alone with oneself and nature.

GOAHTE houses are styled after traditional Sami dwellings, which provide perfect shelter from the harsh winter cold and severe Arctic winds.