Five steps to complete your order

Each order is prepared individually, taking the many specific details of each customer’s request into account (such as engineering solutions, interior finish, installation of appropriate furniture, and other options). This determines the price and turnaround time.

There is an option of having only a basic structure delivered, without any interior finish. In this case, the turnaround time and the price will be minimal.

For convenience, each order is made out and fulfilled in five main steps:

1. Selecting the model and booking the request

Select the basic model and the colour of the exterior finish.

Prepare a request by filling out a simple form with your contact details. 

2. Arranging of details

Within three business days, our expert will contact you to get more specifics on the details of your order, and to choose and agree on the required options based on your preferences.

We determine the final order value and the lead time.

An invoice is issued for 30% of the total cost.

3. Production stage

We inform you of the start of production.

Photos and videos are taken to confirm the completion of each important step.

4. Shipment

The production stage is over; you receive a photo and video overview of the end product.

 An invoice is issued for the remaining 70% of the cost, including shipping expenses.

We will take care of the entire delivery process, delivering our products door-to-door.

5. Installation and connection

Our expert will advise you on preparing the installation site, connecting utilities, and the ‘Smart Home’ system.

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